BenFit is based on an Instagram community that showed the need for a healthy white bread variant and thus gave the starting signal. Together with selected producers and raw material suppliers, founder Benjamin Jakob, who worked as a nutritionist at the time, developed the first high-protein white bread. In the meantime, we have a strongly grown assortment (50+). From gluten-free and protein-rich pretzel sticks to low-carbohydrate croissants and organic vegan flips, we focus on new alternatives and enable a conscious diet without having to make sacrifices, true to the motto "Eat Better - Not Less".


BenFit offers a society striving for individuality the right alternatives in the baked goods, breakfast and snacking sector. With our products, we want to enable everyone to enjoy a simple, varied and nutritious diet and thus become the number 1 food brand for a conscious lifestyle.


Benjamin Jakob
Foundation date:
June 6, 2018
We have invested:
✅ Follow-up investment made
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Company headquarters:
BenFit-Nutrition GmbH
Collenbachstraße 39
40476 Düsseldorf