Shaping the future.

Defining the future - CFC

This is what we do as Cohors Fortuna

That's what we do.

Finding early-stage Start-Ups.

We find early-stage start-ups, with energetic founding teams and visions that lead our world into a better future.

Investing in visions.

In addition to working in our own StartUp, we are equipped with capital power through Cohors Fortuna Capital (CFC) to take you further. We invest from the idea all the way to Pre-Series A.

Accompany and inspire.

We stand behind you, are uncomplicated sparring partners and trust each other. With a diverse network of founders and investors, we are able to network and provide new impulses.

This is what we offer you as a founder!

That’s what we offer.

An entrepreneurial spirit that thinks like you.

A network that helps you.

Growth capital that moves you forward.

Cohors Fortuna Capital - energy, entrepreneurial spirit and a vision of the future

The difference.

We are

We want to understand what moves you, we work our way into new topics and don't stop at previously unknown areas of the economy. We get to know the fringes of the possible with you!

We focus on you and your team as people. Business models are important, but the most important thing is who brings it to life. We are working on a start-up community and invite you to become a part of it.

If we believe in your vision, we dare to invest first. We have the freedom to do it!

Building a business is a multi-faceted adventure. We go through thick and thin with you.
We are not EXIT driven, but can build a great company together with you in the long term.

Our generation has a mandate to regenerate the planet and new businesses will make a significant contribution to this. We are particularly supportive of sense-driven Start-Ups.

Our vision of the future

Our vision.

A shapable future.
Cohors Fortuna Capital - Colourful, lively and fiery
Teams we believe in and have invested in!

Visions in which we invest.

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That's us.

A team full of energy!
Sebastian Garcia Dennemark

Garcia Dennemark

Thinker, doer and strategist with sense.
Sebastian works his way into topics and lives them after a short time.

Negotiations, Equity Story, Sales, Law
Nils Sonnenfroh


Designer and Tech-Enthusiast! Nils can create like no other and is as reliable as a blockchain.

Team, UI/UX, Tech, Finance, Marketing